St John of God Hospital, Bendigo

Doctors for Bendigo
and central Victoria...

A thriving community. Largest regional health provider in Victoria, Bendigo Health. Modern private facility, St John of God Hospital. Brand new day surgery. Extensive allied health services. Mediterranean climate. World-class wineries. Top-notch schools. Just 90 minutes from Melbourne. 100,000+ population.

Bendigo Map

Central Victoria - with its imposing boom-time architecture, thriving wine culture and cosmopolitan vibe - is one of Australia's fastest growing inland regions, thanks to a strong, diversified economy, affordable housing and enviable lifestyle.

The region's established medical fraternity enjoys first-class facilities, stimulating case loads and fast-growing practices - and most doctors manage to get home before it's dark. For a busy medical practitioner frustrated by the daily grind of a hectic metro lifestyle, practicing in beautiful Central Victoria makes perfect sense. Come for the work, stay for the lifestyle!


Dr Diana Badcock
I would say to any doctor who is considering life in the country, that it is an amazing opportunity to create a good life for yourself. You have the ability to create an environment around the sort of work you want, in the way you want it. Come and make it yours.”
Dr Diana Badcock
Deputy Director of Emergency Medicine,
Bendigo Health


Peter Hyett

The Central Victorian Medical Recruitment Taskforce is committed to achieving a well-resourced and sustainable medical workforce in Central Victoria. Executive officer Peter Hyett, a former Bendigo Health board member, newsman and proud Bendigonian, can arrange tours of the region and provide further information.

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