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Living in Central Victoria

A reduced cost of living, top-quality housing, educational and sporting facilities and a climate most regions can only envy makes day-to-day life in central Victoria, quite simply, a pleasure.

Bendigo has established networks for newcomers and spouses of medical practitioners, making the transition to provincial Victoria seamless.

The region is one of the fastest growing in inland Australia, giving rise to many new and modern homes. While the average Melbourne house price sits well over $400,000, the average price in Bendigo, in the heart of central Victoria, is approximately $210,000.

Across the region, exceptional private and public primary, secondary and tertiary institutions ensure a solid educational grounding. There are many accredited pre-schools, primary schools and secondary colleges, as well as La Trobe University, Monash University's Bendigo Regional Clinical School and the Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE.

Bendigo Senior Secondary College is one of the largest VCE providers in the state and is also an Internationally Accredited school with the Council for International Schools. There's also a large number of catholic and other private schools, such as Catholic College Bendigo and the internationally acclaimed Girton Grammar, and many more government schools.

Quality sporting facilities are just a way of life, with facilities for football, netball, golf, soccer, cricket grounds, athletics, tennis, and both indoor and outdoor swimming, at every turn.

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Rachael Roessler
We are a truly connected family because we live in Bendigo. Without the dreaded commute and never-ending demands of the city practice, my husband can get to our daughter's dance recitals or son's basketball matches at the weekend. We get to spend time together as a family because we're only ever five minutes away. And that's what really matters.”
Rachael Roessler
Wife of Dr Peter Roessler,
obstetrician & gynaecologist
Mother of Reuben & Keziah


Peter HyettThe Central Victorian Medical Recruitment Taskforce is committed to achieving a well-resourced and sustainable medical workforce in Central Victoria. Executive officer Peter Hyett, a former Bendigo Health board member, newsman and proud Bendigonian, can arrange tours of the region and provide further information.

P +61 00 418 356 503