Bendigo Pottery

Loving Central Victoria

It's the enviable lifestyle and low cost of living that sets Central Victoria apart.

Bendigo is surrounded by 31 vineyards and boutique wineries which produce some of the country's best wines, and has an emerging foodie culture thanks to genuine farmers' markets and passionate local producers.

The finer things in life matter too. Bendigo is home to one of Australia's finest and oldest regional art galleries, which boasts a stunning collection of important Australian and international work. The massively successful Golden Age of Couture exhibition put it on the map. A number of award-winning restaurants are also making a name for themselves.


Rachael Roessler
We are a truly connected family because we live in Bendigo. Without the dreaded commute and never-ending demands of the city practice, my husband can get to our daughter's dance recitals or son's basketball matches at the weekend. We get to spend time together as a family because we're only ever five minutes away. And that's what really matters.”
Rachael Roessler
Wife of Dr Peter Roessler,
obstetrician & gynaecologist
Mother of Reuben & Keziah


Peter HyettThe Central Victorian Medical Recruitment Taskforce is committed to achieving a well-resourced and sustainable medical workforce in Central Victoria. Executive officer Peter Hyett, a former Bendigo Health board member, newsman and proud Bendigonian, can arrange tours of the region and provide further information.

P +61 00 418 356 503